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Moses and Son are committed to supporting the communities we live and work in. By working together we can ensure that wool maintains its place as a key product of our region and that as a result, we prosper as a community.

Archives - March 2012

After the deluge


Quite apart from the stock that are drowned or stranded on tiny islands in a seemingly endless inland sea, there are quite a few livestock health issues which are likely or possible following a flood. Amid all of the trauma, …

Managing the aftermath of the floods


Phil Graham, DPI in conjunction with Moses and Son are hosting a number of sessions in flood affected regions. The informal sessions will be a maximum of two hours and tailored to the producers in the group to ensure:   …

Wool market rising


Australian Wool Innovation’s trade reporting chief Paul Swan charts China’s fast track from being primarily a wool processor and on-seller to becoming an important wool consumption market in its own right. Click here to watch Paul’s views.

Newton wins Westblade Scholarship


Kim Woods |  March 9, 2012 | Weekly Times JOANNE Newton maybe city born and bred but her passion for sheep has paved the way to a win the inaugural Peter Westblade Scholarship. The $10,000 scholarship has been designed to foster …

Autumn Fly Protection


Autumn Fly Protection   With a very wet end to summer and start to autumn growers will be looking to extend their blowfly protection. A quick summary of their options and the pro’s and con’s on each An important time of …

PWMMC Shearing

PWMMC shearing This Thursday and Friday (8th and 9th March) Craig Wilson and Associates will be performing the second shearing of the Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge. 700 wethers will be shorn in their teams and assessed for Fleece weight, Fibre …

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    • Weekly Market Commentary 21/04/2016

      Wk 43 21/04/2016. The AWEX EMI suffered another loss, falling 24c at auction sales in Australia this week. Now on 1217c the AWEX EMI returns to levels experienced in early March however this week...

    • Weekly Wool Market Commentary 7/04/2016

      As the AWEX EMI closed the week at 1270c up 31c, the amazing result seemed "scripted to occur" in front of a delegate of over 500 attending the IWTO conference in Sydney. The special sale held at t...

    • Weekly Wool Market Commentary 17/03/2016

      Wk 38 17/03/2016.   The AWEX EMI closed on 1,227c up 4c at auction sales in Australia this week. The much needed lift in the EMI came after losses in three consecutive sell weeks, and in the face of ...