Why treat your animals with B12 separately when it is conveniently
provided in the ease of one vaccination: Glanvac 6 B12.
The facts about Vitamin B12
• Vitamin B12 is synthesised by micro-organisms in the rumen, from dietary cobalt.
• Vitamin B12 is an essential component of a number of enzymes which are involved in
normal metabolism.
• A deficiency of dietary cobalt impairs energy and protein metabolism which leads to
poor growth rates, and disease in severe cases.
• Factors influencing cobalt levels are the soil type, pasture type, season and class of sheep.
• Vitamin B12 supplementation of growing sheep grazing on cobalt deficient pasture has
been shown to increase growth rates.

 The facts about Glanvac B12
• A study found that a 1mg dose of Vitamin B12 (half of the Glanvac B12 dose) was adequate
to supplement lambs from marking to weaning, on marginally cobalt deficient pasture.
A single injection of Glanvac B12 provided adequate B12 status for 12 weeks in weaner
(4 month old) sheep at risk of marginal vitamin B12 deficiency.
• There is likely to be a shorter duration of activity in more severely deficient sheep
(research shows 4-8 weeks), as they metabolise the vitamin B12 more quickly

Available in 250ml or 500ml.