The EziWeigh7 offers you great versatility in an indicator with its long battery life and ability to communicate with EID readers via Bluetooth.

Tru-Test’s EziWeigh 7 is an accurate and easy to use weigh scale indicator, setting the standard in efficient and productive animal management. With the capability to record information against Visual ID (VID) or Electronic ID (EID) tags, you can easily capture and analyze individual animal performance and history. Replacing guesswork with fact, the EziWeigh 7 displays live weight gain since the previous session, showing animal performance right there in the field. Using its built-in Bluetooth® technology, the EziWeigh 7 wirelessly connects to Tru-Test’s XRS EID stick reader (sold separately) and automatically transfers scanned IDs straight into the indicator, saving time and improving accuracy. Alternatively, the animal’s VID can be entered using the large and durable keypad. The EziWeigh 7 features Tru-Test’s proven Superdamp™ III technology, enabling you to capture accurate live animal weights more quickly than any other weigh scale on the market. Just as importantly, it’s easy to use in all conditions. With its large backlit display screen you can keep working in bright daylight or in the shade. Like all Tru-Test indicators, the EziWeigh 7 is 100% water and dust proof.