PIRANHA® Dip for Sheep is a new lousicide that offers 100% knockdown and control of susceptible lice (Bovicola ovis) on sheep. PIRANHA® Dip contains the neonicotinoid insecticide Thiacloprid. Thiacloprid is a member of the same insecticidal group as Imidacloprid, the active ingredient in Avenge® Pour-on Lousicide for Sheep. Once lice are exposed to this class of insecticides, rapid nervous system stimulation occurs followed by paralysis and death. It is quick acting, killing lice ‘on contact.’

PIRANHA® has many features that will benefit sheep producers and dipping contractors alike. PIRANHA® is designed for plunge and cage dips as a short wool lousicide. It is easy to prepare and manage, is non-stripping and an ideal alternative to organophosphate dips.

Withholding Periods:

MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 42 days before slaughter for human consumption

MILK: DO NOT USE on ewes which are producing or may in the future produce milk that may be used or processed for human consumption

WOOL HARVESTING INTERVAL: DO NOT USE less than 3 months before shearing or fibre collection.

EXPORT SLAUGHTER INTERVAL (ESI): DO NOT SLAUGHTER for export less than 60 days after treatment.