Tri-Solfen is a local anaesthetic and antiseptic gel spray for use on lambs to provide pain relief following mulesing. It has also been developed to reduce blood loss and infection in order to improve wound healing.

The product contains two proven topical local anaesthetics; fast-acting Lignocaine for immediate pain relief and long-acting Bupivacaine for prolonged post-operative pain relief. Adrenaline is included for its ability to reduce the shock and stress of blood loss, whilst prolonging the anaesthetic action. Tri-Solfen also contains Cetrimide, an antiseptic widely used to cleanse skin and wounds and provides protection from bacterial contamination. The product’s gel base adheres well to the wound and acts as a barrier to environmental stimuli to improve wound healing.

Withholding Periods

MEAT: Treated sheep must not be supplied or sold for slaughter for human consumption for at least 90 days following treatment with this product.

MILK: This product must not be used in lambs that will in the future produce milk or milk products for human consumption.