Large backlit screen
Easy to read in sunlight or darkness
Display shows RFID in large, easy to read numbers
Vibration, audible beep and flashing green light on tag read
Fast charge, long life battery charges in less than three hours
Battery runs for eight hours in continuous reading mode and 16 hours in eco power mode
Bluetooth inbuilt with ability to set up fast connection to three Bluetooth devices
Bluetooth compatibility with Android and Apple products
Ability to upload cross-reference files
To identify animals in a mob for treatments/drafting
To identify extra animals in a mob
To draft stock

Frequency: 134.2kHz
Frequency range: 2402-2480 MHz
Radiated magnetic field: 36.5dBµA/m (at a distance of 10 m)
Number of channels: 79
Channel spacing: 1 MHz
Output power: 10 dBm