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Weekly Wool Market Commentary 17/11/2017

Week 20: 16/11/2017 The AWEX EMI closed the week on 1683c up 2c and setting a new record high at auction sales this week in Australia. The apparent strength in this amazing market trend was tested by the largest offering in Australia in three months ... Read More

Weekly Wool Market Commentary 09/11/2017

Week 19: The AWEX EMI rose 58c at auction sales in Australia this week. The EMI pushed into new price record territory, closing the week on 1681c in what can only be described as a frantic grab for wool of any type. All merino types ... Read More

Weekly Wool Market Commentary 20/11/2017

Week 18: 02/11/2017 The AWEX EMI pushed up 45c into new historic price territory at this week’s auction sales in Australia. The EMI closed at 1623 with all MPG’s contributing to this pleasing result. Rises between 30 & 80 were experienced in the merino sector ... Read More