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Tru-Test XRS2i EID Stick Reader

XRS2i Stick Reader (Tru Test) Tru-Test EID stick readers (XRS2i or XRS2 and SRS2i or SRS2) deliver information about your livestock rapidly. View individual animal tag data and capture management information against animal EIDs to help inform your animal health, mating and culling decisions. With Bluetooth®, you can connect the XRS2i/XRS2 or SRS2i/SRS2 with a weigh scale indicator, and easily transfer data to your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone. The next generation of the XRS2, using the latest Bluetooth technology, providing wireless synchronisation when multiple readers are within range and reduced interference.
  • Large sunlight viewable 2.7” colour LCD screen ...
Pets & Produce

Moses & Son Merchandise Evolution 

With clients’ needs growing, Moses and Son branched in to rural merchandise in 2008/2009 and offers superior customer service and retail experience through their branches. Moses & Son’s animal health advice and product supply business is based on three principles

  1. Prevention of animal health issues through education & health check groups
    2. Detection before treatment through FEC (worm test kits) and drench resistance tests
    3. Treatment with the right product & appropriate support from their animal health team to ensure the product is used correctly (rotation, modes of action, resistance management & application procedures).

The depth of industry knowledge, client service, marketing expertise, the highest quality management standards and commitment to best practice animal husbandry are what this business prides themselves on. Moses and Son stock a wide range of all animal health and stock handling merchandise, including all mainline categories such as wool presses, overhead shearing equipment and a large range of sheep handling equipment. The six stores throughout Central and Southern NSW ensure they are well positioned to supply competitive and convenient rural merchandise.

Moses &AIRR Member Logo Son are a proud AIRR member. AIRR stock the leading brands as well as high quality exclusive private brands so that farmers always benefit from the group buying power and buy at the right price across our broad range