Shearing Equipment

Heiniger Handpiece- Icon FX

ICON FX Unleash Your Potential. The redesigned slimmer barrel provides better handpiece balance and new levels of comfort and ergonomics to reduce strain and give you superior manoeuvrability, control and grip. Increase Your Tallies. The overall lighter FX requires less effort and time to start ...

Heiniger Evo Shearing Plant with Wall Bracket

The World's #1 Selling Portable Shearing Plant
  • Winner of multiple WorkSafe awards
  • Integrated safety cut out helps eliminate dangerous lock ups
  • Durable, high performance 400W motor
  • Soft start to increase handpiece life and reduce wear
The first professional shearing system in the world ...

Worm Drive Heiniger – ICON

The "ICON" will accept any comb and cutter of standard width and is interchangeable with shearing plants of other manufacturers ...

Warrie Back Care Products

We stock a range of equipment designed to maxamise your comfort while shearing or crutching. Including:
  • Back Aid
  • Back Aid Belt
  • Swivel Support Frame
  • Crutching Back Aid
  • Back Aid-Chest Belt
Give us a call on (02) 6977 3100, and we will happily answer ...

Ultimate 3 – Heiniger

Heiniger has combined their powerful 12V Shearing Handpiece with a rechargeable and portable 12V battery pack.
  • The Dry-cell battery is carried in a backpack or belt pouch
  • The Kit has a holster for the handpiece when not in use
  • The Ultimate Shearing Handpiece weighs ...

Tally Counters

Hand counters for shearing tallies are also used for forestry, farming operations, inventory control, surveys, lab studies, crowd attendances & other counting jobs. 4 digits; 0 -9999 ...

Shearing Needle and Cotton

We stock needles - straight or "s" shaped (packs of 6), and the rolls of cotton you may need ...

Pendulum Heiniger

Choice of three synthetic handles, an original Heiniger handle and 2 other popular configurations. Handles stay cool while grinding. Comes with aluminium storage carry case, Pendulum. three handles, grinding gauge, operating manual. Versatile enough to use on any grinder ...

12 Volt Handpiece – Heiniger

The World's first and only 12 Volt battery driven sheep shearing handpiece. Can be run from a car or motorbike battery, eliminating the need for an AC power supply, providing the ability to shear or clip in remote locations. Features: • Complete carry case, comb, ...

Leather Moccasin

Heiniger Leather Moccasin ...