At Moses and Son we pride ourself on the ability to meet clients’ needs by providing traditional service with an innovative approach. We are passionate about the wool and sheep industry, with a team dedicated to providing service that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Our key objective is to add value to our clients’ enterprises, which means more profitable sheep and more wool for you. Our team is experienced in wool marketing and come with a complement of skills that can assist with meeting your enterprise goals through genetic selection and animal health advice and best practice product use.

We are committed to the industry and have made significant alliances with a number of key industry bodies and research trials such as MerinoLink and the Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge. The knowledge and data we gain from these programs is invaluable in assisting our clients to make informed decisions.

Since 1920 the locally owned Moses family business has continued to evolve whilst maintaining the same philosophy and values. If you need advice or service from people who believe in the profitability of Wool and Sheep then the Moses & Son team is for you.

From Farm to Mill

Click the image to follow the wool through the pipeline, from farm to mill.