Loading and Unloading Safety Procedure

Moses & Son is committed to a safe work environment for the health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work.

For the safety of all drivers and operators we would appreciate your cooperation with the safe loading and unloading of trucks.

  1. Please give us a call to let us know you are heading in and how many bales you have on.
  2. Upon arrival, park between the yellow lines at a safe distance from any other truck.

Drivers, if you haven’t been to our site before, please ask our staff members for assistance.

  • It is recommended that a Hi-Vis shirt/vest should be worn at all times whilst on site.
  • Follow directions of the forklift operator when driving into unloading area.
  • Hand over paperwork (Classer Specie) for unloading to the forklift operator.
  • Prior to unloading, the forklift operator will inspect the load for “in transit movement” and instability.

If the load appears unstable, the forklift should be used to straighten the load BEFORE straps etc. are released

  • Remain in any of the Designated Safety Zones or in cab whilst unloading is occurring.
  • Speak with the forklift operator when there is a requirement to shift curtains/bars/gates or a check on the loading.
  • Do not move into the unloading area until the forklift has come to a stop with handbrake applied, or, the forklift has moved a safe distance away (3m safety exclusion zone).
  • Drivers must not close curtains on the opposite side of truck, whilst unloading is occurring. The Forklift Operator will cease unloading if this occurs.
  • Drivers must adhere to site traffic plans and pedestrian walkways, when moving around the site.
  • Upon completion of unloading; the Forklift Operator will advise that straps may be rolled etc., and the truck may depart from the area.







If you would like more information or assistance with ensuring a safe load that won’t shift in transit, or to enquire about our convenient on-farm pick up service, please get in touch with your local store or WTO.

Acknowledgement of Driver Induction

Before delivering wool to Moses & Son we require all truck drivers to be aware of and agree to adhere to our Loading and Unloading Procedure.

Please take a moment to complete the form below and let us know that you are across it.