Wool Handling

Integrity of wool preparation is our priority

In essence Moses & Son provides a Wool Broking service to growers in regional NSW. We test and prepare wool for sale in our modern warehouse facilities in Temora, Wagga Wagga and Condobolin, complying to the highest local and international standards. The wool is then offered via a range of selling methods (grower chosen), most commonly sold at Auction sales in Sydney. The Auction ensures national and international buyers and processors can inspect and bid on our grower’s wool.

We make it our priority to work with Owners, Managers & Wool Classers to ensure clips are prepared to the highest standard. We work with you to capitalise on efficiencies & maximise the competition for your wool. We have recently added to & enhanced our Wool Technical Service to ensure you are maximising your profitability at shearing time. Find out how we can help you in your shed.

See Wool Marketing for information about marketing your clip.


Moses & Son were one of the first Quality Classing Houses registered with AWEX. This accreditation ensures wool growers assigning wool to be Classed or Interlotted receive the best possible price for wool sold through the classing house using traditional classing methods. In addition early stage processors can accurately predict processing performance and hence purchase wool prepared by a Quality Classing House with confidence.

Our Interlot Policy states:

  • The wool remains the property of the client until sold.
  • We objectively match the Interlot components.
  • We always act in the best interest of the client.
  • Moses & Son will consider offers at or above market, outside the auction
    if and when available.
  • Length and strength measurements are applied at our discretion.
  • One bale lines will not be placed on hold; they will be moved to Interlot unless specifically requested otherwise by the grower.

View our Interlot Policy (PDF).

Bulk Class

Part bales, incomplete lines, overweights and unclassed wool can all be sold as part of a bulk class bale.

This wool will be combined with like wool types and sold at the first available sale with you receiving your portion of proceeds (per kg) from the sale.


Wool Producers have the option of carting their own wool to one of our six strategically placed wool stores/depots or having Moses & Son arrange transport.

The beauty of our regional stores is that they assist in reining in the ever escalating cost of transport. Moses & Son’s network of specialist carriers will collect wool from your farm and deliver it to one of our sampling sites at very competitive and fair rates.

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Competitive Flat Rate Charges

At Moses & Son you can be assured that our competitive flat rate charges will allow you to monitor and pre-empt your costs. Moses & Son are committed to customer focused service ensuring our client’s enterprise is extracting the maximum from their sheep and wool.

Wool Storage

updated 10/12/2018

From the 1st August 2005, Moses & Son have adopted the following Wool Storage Policy:

  • The storage of wool is free to all Moses & Son wool producers.
  • After ninety days of the wool being held in Store, Moses & Son will seek recovery of the Testing, Freight, Merchandise and any other related services via invoice.
  • At the point of sale a one off Extended Insurance Levy will be deducted from proceeds, for wools held in Store for greater than 90 days.
  • The Extended Insurance Levy will be determined annually by the Managing Director and made known to clients.

Shearing Advances

We all know that cash flow can cause problems for some enterprises around shearing time. Moses & Son can assist to meet your shearing costs by providing a no hassle short term payment advance.

A Shearing Advance is an advanced payment in lieu of wool to be sold. In order to be eligible for a Shearing Advance you must have the physical wool, on farm or preferably in Moses & Son Store or be able to prove you have the capacity to deliver enough wool to meet the criteria.

The approval of a Shearing Advance is at the discretion of Moses & Son.

Sheep’s Back to Store Endorsement Policy

Policy commenced: 1 May 2020

During the period of Insurance:

  • Cover commences from the time the sheep enter the sheds for the purpose of shearing and continues within the shearing sheds for a maximum period of 30 days.
  • Cover whilst in the shearing shed is restricted to loss or damage to the goods caused by Fire or Theft.
  • Cover terminates when the goods are out of the Insured’s or their designated carrier’s care and control and placed and/or positioned inside the receiver’s or other designated warehouse or premises.

What to do if your wool is lost or stolen

Moses & Son have comprised a checklist designed to assist growers by outlining the information that is required when making an insurance claim for lost or stolen wool.

Every effort has been made to make the checklist comprehensive. However on a case by case basis the Insurance Company may request additional information.

In the first instance please contact your Moses & Son Wool Technical Officer for assistance and support with making your claim.

View Grower Insurance Checklist