Wool Marketing

Looking for more advice & service when it comes to marketing your clip?

Moses & Son have a passionate team of Wool Technical Officers strategically placed throughout the Riverina & Central West. The team are committed to providing informed & considered market advice tailored to your needs.

Our Auctioneers travel to Sydney each week to sell on your behalf at the Yennora Show Floor. The Auction system underpins our wool marketing & constitutes the majority of wool sales, however we do provide other options including the electronic platform, Wool Trade.

Advanced wool marketing is available for those wishing to Forward Market all or part of their clip. Ideal for those wishing to be a price maker.

Our extensive Clip Analysis will help you determine your clip profile & the best strategy for hedging.

We have alliances with key buyers & exporters & will provide you the information & programs you should consider to make your clip appealing to as many markets as possible.

Selling Options

Moses & Son’s clients range from large sheep station and corporate holdings to small hobby farms. We recognise that each client’s circumstances are different, which is why we offer a range of selling options that can be customised to suit your specific needs.

The options available through Moses & Son are:

Auction Sales

Auction sales are recognised as the undisputed price setting mechanism for wool traded around the world, since its inception in Australia. Auction Sales account for over 85% of the total wool sold in Australia. Moses & Son are registered with the Australian Wool Exchange and have developed the most efficient Auction facilities in the Yennora (Sydney) and Brooklyn (Melbourne) wool selling facilities to enhance and maximise the efficiencies of the Auction System.

Moses & Son have the most modern show-floor facility in the Northern Region. The Show-floor company, Yennora Wool Brokers, was formed in 1992 by Moses & Son and three other regional brokers: Jemalong Wool, Lanoc/Western Wool (Now Quality Wool) and Ostini Wool. Soon after, YWB added the Stenbrae Group from Queensland, who were taken over in 2006. Yennora Wool Brokers is the second largest show-floor complex in the northern region. Our selling team and auctioneers are highly skilled in their profession, allowing Moses & Son to obtain maximum support for their clients.

How it works

On receipt into our Temora or Condobolin warehouses, the clip is sorted, sampled and catalogued into your preferred sale.

Once sampled and tested you will be forwarded the wool test results. On the Friday before the Sale our team will use the most up to date market intelligence to derive the valuations for your lots. The Sale Valuation Advice will be sent to you and allows you to make informed decisions on marketing your clip, setting reserves that will protect the price of your clip.

The grab sample is then displayed at our show floor in Sydney, where your wool is displayed to the world’s Wool Processors, Exporters and Traders. Currently no other selling system provides the wool grower with this market exposure.

Your wool is then offered as part of the Moses & Son sale catalogue and auctioned by our experienced Auctioneers. After the sale you will receive a “Sales Advice”, informing you of the sale price of your lots and any that may have been passed in.

There are approximately 46 Auction sales per year, Moses & Son generally sell on either a Tuesday or Wednesday. The Annual Wool Selling Program is published by AWEX.

Electronic Marketing

We believe that certain wool types can be traded successfully, electronically. Remote bidding will create opportunities in the future for all industry participants.

Currently Wooltrade is the preferred electronic platform, allowing wool to be on the market 24/7.

AuctionsPlus Wool is available every week allowing you the opportunity to watch your wool sell from anywhere and thus see your results in real-time and keep track of the market from your farm at a time that’s convenient to you


Moses & Son were one of the first Quality Classing Houses registered with AWEX. This accreditation ensures wool growers assigning wool to be Classed or Interlotted receive the best possible price for wool sold through the classing house using traditional classing methods. In addition early stage processors can accurately predict processing performance and hence purchase wool prepared by a Quality Classing House with confidence.

Our Interlot Policy states:

  • The wool remains the property of the client until sold.
  • We always act in the best interest of the client.
  • Moses & Son will consider offers at or above market, outside the auction if available.
  • We objectively match the Interlot components.
  • Length and strength measurements are applied at our discretion.
  • If a clip is placed on hold, the one and two bale lines must be held and tested as a small lot OR allocated to Interlot and sold at the first available opportunity.
  • If an interlot part cannot be allocated within 30 days from receipt the grower will be contacted by their WTO to determine if it should be tested as a small line, bulk classed or purchased.

View / download Interlot and small lot policy (PDF).

Why you should consider using our Interlot Service as a Marketing tool for small lines and to maximise your return$

Bulk Class

If you do not have enough (classed) wool to press a bale of minimum weight, it is recommended that the wool is placed with other small (classed) segments of wool in a pack (separated by a paper divider) and handled by our qualified Rehandle team.

This wool will be combined with like wool and sold at sale, with you receiving your portion of proceeds (per kg) from that sale.

Private Sales

Hobby Farmers and smaller operations can sell their wool directly to Moses & Son through our rehandle section. Our qualified Wool Classers will class your wool and give you a competitive market price.

Managing Market Volatility Risk Using Forward Selling

Are you fed up with the wool market plummeting just as you are about to sell? Or conversely you have just sold and the market then rises immediately.

The fact is that wool is one of the world’s most volatile commodities. Moses & Son believe that in the current world economic environment wool prices will remain a volatile commodity. The elevated volatility of the wool market in recent years has encouraged some wool growers to seek ways to avoid being forced to sell at the bottom of the market or to store wool anticipating price increases.

Price Risk Management Services

In recognition of an increasing need to manage price risks associated with producing wool, Moses & Son have engaged Price Risk specialists AgRisk Management and AgConcepts to provide a specialised rural Price Risk Management service .Brett Stevenson, Manager of AgRisk has had unmatched experience in Futures Trading in Australia and through Moses & Son’s vast client base is able to advise and assist wool producers who wish to hedge their wool.

As an additional service Moses & Son, in joint venture with AgRisk Management, can provide an option to assist you manage this difficult situation. It is called a Forward Delivery Indicator Contract. (FDIC).

Wool producers and wool brokers are beginning to realise the role of forward selling in their marketing program. That is, to have some wool sold forward, sell some at Auction immediately after shearing and store some if required. This type of strategy is a smart way of spreading the risk created by a volatile market. Once growers are aware of their costs of production and decide on a favourable level of return, they can become a price maker by selling some of their clip forward or leaving an order with Moses & Son to sell at a specific price.

We can assist in education in futures trading, to allow you to feel confident making any risk management decisions. Growers can sell forward up to 18 months or more before shearing. Rather than hoping the market will be acceptable when you sell, work with our technical team to create a return that meets your objectives.

Other Marketing Options

Moses & Son have built alliances with the majority of the Exporters, Processors and Wool Traders allowing spot sales of lines of wool that have been fully tested. Sometimes it may benefit to offer wool direct or call for a price. Other situations will require a mixture of selling methods. A typical example would be when a grower needs to sell wool in a sale recess due to cash flow requirements or fear of the market opening lower.

Customised Programs

Depending on individual client circumstances Moses & Son offers customised programs that utilise combinations of the above options. With the assistance of Moses & Son, wool producers are able to take a more strategic and proactive approach to marketing their wool.

Selecting the right options can maximise returns, improve cash flow and manage the risk of unfavourable market variations.

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