Answering the call for a truly portable, handheld EID reader that was comfortable to use over long periods of time, stock management specialist Tru-Test has developed the XRS EID Stick Reader.

Suitable for cattle, sheep and deer, the fast charging XRS also offers superior battery performance.

The XRS Stick Reader is designed to easily interface with your weigh scale indicator by automatically transferring scanned IDs using a Bluetooth® wireless connection or cable.

Offering alerts on specific animals such as those within a withholding period, the XRS can also capture traits such as condition score giving you intelligence at your fingertips.

Comfortable to use for long periods with a lightweight balanced design.
Keep going with up to 19 hrs battery life.
Fast tag reading with feedback through vibrating handle.
Wirelessly connect with your weigh scale indicator or Smartphone using Bluetooth.
Easily download recorded information to your Windows computer or Android smartphone.
Alert on specific animals such as those in a withholding period.
Capture additional information such as condition scores.