Over and underweight bales cause significant inefficiencies in our warehouse and add avoidable costs to you. In 2016/2017 Moses & Son processed close to 900 bale adjustments for over and underweight bales across our three sampling warehouse facilities.

Moses & Son staff and management pride ourselves on offering wool that complies with industry standards (on your behalf) in the Auction Room, however the number of non-compliant bales is steadily increasing and we request your assistance to eliminate bale adjustments.

Our aim for 2017/18 is to significantly reduce the number of non-conforming bales that reach our stores, by supporting you to ensure your clip is prepared to the highest of standards.

Take action at the source: Our Wool Technical Officers now have available portable scales to assist you to calibrate your shed scales. At shed starts they are available to check your scales, eliminating non-compliant bales and optimise your bale weights.

Second stage action: When wool is delivered to our warehouses, if you feel a bale is on the edge, or outside the allowable bale range, then please mention it to our warehouse team and they will be more than happy to check it for you. If we can reduce or eliminate non compliant bales our staff and machinery can work more efficiently.

Throughout the year Moses & Son will provide regular updates to Wool Classers and feedback to you on how different aspects your clip performed through our Clip Analysis report.

Please be mindful that the bale adjustment fee has been altered to $21 per bale handled i.e. excess weight put into another bale will incur the fee x 2.

We look forward to working with you to maximise profits through proactive marketing of your wool. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange the scales for your shed start, please contact your Wool Technical Officer.

Kind regards,

Marty Moses