From in-shed to the end of the wool pipeline, WoolClip app & web keeps you way ahead of the mob. It’s the fast, free, fully mobile way to specify, complete the NWD, follow the BaleTrail, and be RFID ready.

With WoolClip you can:

  1. Manage each job,
  2. Have collaboration between the Classer/Owner/Manager online,
  3. Create a Wool Book,
  4. Add and scan Bales,
  5. Create a Speci,
  6. Create Mobs,
  7. Complete the NWD,
  8. Follow your wool along the BaleTrail

WoolClip is a website & smart phone application designed to enter on-farm wool information to generate & send wool specification sheets in data & report form to the warehouse & the organisation chosen by the wool grower to market their wool.

Using Woolclip means: No more duplicate bales on a specification,

  • Information can be added progressively during shearing (using the smart phone app if no data connections),
  • A Job can be maintained by one or more users working as a collaborative team,
  • National Wool Declarations can be authorised online, or by using a smart phone or email,
  • The Specification is released on finalisation by the user, &
  • Information entered is saved for future reference by the user.

WoolClip FAQ

For more information on the benefits of WoolClip & how you can utilise it in your enterprise please speak to your Wool Technical Officer.

Alternatively give the AWEX team a call on (02) 9428 6170 or email [email protected]