Considering Fleece Weighing, but it all seems too difficult & technical?

Moses & Son can provide the equipment AND do the work for you!  Our qualified staff are available to collect and analyse your data.

Why Fleece Weigh?

Accurate data allows you to make management decisions by understanding exactly how individuals are performing. Monitor fleece performance easily at shearing time with the use of a weigh scale and barcode printer and scanner. Record your fleece weights and fleece traits directly into your indicator in the shearing shed for individual animals.

Benefits of Electronic Identification (eID)

Adding electronic identification (eID) provides you with accessible, accurate identification of your individual animals, giving you the ability to make more informed farm management decisions.

Equipment available for hire: XR5000, Load Bars, Stick Reader, Barcode Printer, Barcode Scanner, Ram Index’s Available

Watch our short video for more information and to see how easy it is to incorporate into your sheep operation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Precision Sheep Management Specialist, Adele Smith on 0439 837 261.