Week 24: 

The AWEX EMI closed on 1862c – up 13c at auction sales in Australia. The last sale of the year had anticipated the 46,000 bale offering would present a challenge, however it produced a strong finish. The market strength was more prominent in the merino sector which could be described as an exciting but volatile wool market.

Merino Fleece opened the week on Tuesday in Melbourne only, producing positive market signals and a perfect set up with all the Merino MPG’s on an upward trajectory. By the close of the market on Thursday, the Merino MPG’s had posted rises of 15-31c in the Northern region and 15-61c in the Southern Markets which I believe will auger well for the market health going into the three week recess.
Merino Skirtings were more subdued on the back of the great performance from last week.
Crossbreds fluctuated wildly as the increased offering in the southern region presented some challenges, however the end result was a modest increase in the wools coarser than 28 micron.
The Merino Carding indicator continued to be the fly in the ointment, posting losses between 35c and 60c across the selling centres. Locks, Crutchings and stains were generally 30-50 cheaper whilst the shorter lambs wool lots posting prices that were substantially cheaper.

The market will commence Christmas sale recess and return on the 8th January 2019. The key supply and demand factors going into the break I believe will exacerbate in January when sales return. Management and staff would like to thank all of our clients for their support throughout 2018 and would like to take the time to wish you a safe and enjoyable Christmas. ~ Marty Moses

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