Heathfield Poll Merino Rams produce sheep which are very fertile, versatile, have fine micron, elite quality, heavy cutting wool.
Sheep that comb well and help keep your shearers returning year after year.
Sheep which are bred to thrive by design and not camp at the self feeder.
Sheep which have been measured and continually selected with profit in mind by a family business passionate about breeding no nonsense sheep!
Heathfield Poll inaugural top of the drop Ram sale will be conducted by the user friendly Helmsman Auction system giving time to make sensible purchasing decisions.
Very sensible starting prices will be reserved.
Heathfield also plan to have their sale team of 30, one year old rams with a sale team average of 17.8 micron displayed on Tuesday 21st of September on property at Heathfield Boorowa ( subject to covid restrictions in place at the time ).