First ever oral lice treatment for sheep now available

Introducing Flexolt®, the world-first oral lice treatment for sheep and lambs*… and it can be used on any length of wool!
Containing an active ingredient that works systemically from the inside out, Flexolt offers producers the flexibility to treat short and long wool sheep and lambs with one, oral dose, revolutionising lice control.
Flexolt means producers are no longer bound to shearing time for lice control, minimising farm management challenges such as labour, weather, and time.
Lice outbreaks are possible for every flock. By giving producers greater control over the way they manage lice, Flexolt will make on-farm processes more seamless and efficient.
Flexolt is now available.

Oral lice treatment for sheep and lambs*

Flexolt contains the novel active for sheep lice control, fluralaner, which works systemically via oral administration. Simple and effective lice control starts from the inside.

Treat lice in any length of wool

Effective lice control is no longer linked to shearing. Flexolt is effective for unshorn lambs*, short wool, long wool, off-shears and up to 7 days off-shears.

Flexible lice control when it suits you

Flexolt lets you choose when it suits you to treat for lice and allows you to adapt to common challenges to simplify lice control.