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Future of Farming: Lessons from the Australian Merino Production Trial

Future of Farming: Lessons from the Australian Merino Production Trial Agricultural innovation crossed yet another threshold in the recent Australian Merino Production Trial (AMPT) held at the Temora Agricultural and Innovation Centre (TAIC) in New South Wales. Livestock farmers and sustainability enthusiasts converged to witness ... Read More

Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee’s forecast

  • The latest Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee’s forecast of shorn wool production for 2023/24 is 328 Mkg greasy, equivalent to the 2022/23 season estimate.
  • The number of sheep shorn is forecast at 72.2 million head, up 1.0% due to held over ... Read More

**ALERT** NAB Temora Branch Closure

The NAB Temora Branch will close its doors on the Thursday the 28/09/23. Unfortunately, this means that after this date we will not be able to make cheques out to ‘CASH’. Payment options will be as follows:
  1. EFT (electronic funds transfer) to a bank ... Read More

🐑🌱 Keeping Your Wool Clip Free from Rubbish is Important! 🌱🐑

🧶 Are you as excited about the upcoming shearing season as we are? We thought so! 🎉 But let's take a moment to talk about something crucial: keeping your precious wool clip free from rubbish. 🚫 Why is this so important, you ask? Well, grab ... Read More

Rodent Infestation – Wool with No Commercial Value

Most of us can appreciate the destruction that mice and rats can create and the negative health impacts. Diseases such as Leptospirosis can have lasting health effects and is a direct result of coming into contact with infected rodents’ urine. Unfortunately a number of these ... Read More

Wool & Covid: Covid-19 restrictions and it impact on NSW and Sydney Wool Sales

Since Mid-June anyone entering Sydney hi-risk areas and leaving the area had to self- isolate for 14 days. Our sales team qualified to isolate and chose to continue until sales went into recess on the 15th July. I applaud John Nixon and Andrew Miller for ... Read More

Market Wool Trends

The trend is your friend, as they say and when it comes to sheep and wool, trends have been present, highly variable and incredibly influential for the 42 years I have been in the sheep and wool business. The trend that has been most noticeable ... Read More

Now is the time to save with Datamars!

Looking at updating or getting into eID? Datamars (formally Tru-Test) have got some great technology! Now is the time to save! Contact us to find out more! ... Read More

Important reminder for fire affected wool clients:

You wool is covered by fire and theft under our Sheep's Back to Store Endorsement Policy. If you have suffered any loss to your wool, please get in touch with your Wool Technical Officer for assistance and support. You may find the Insurance checklist helpful ... Read More

“No More than 204”

If you are having trouble with your shed scales or are unsure if they are weighing right. Be sure to contact your WTO and we will bring our portable scales out to cross check. Getting it right in the shed saves time and $$$ ... Read More

AuctionsPlus – Sale Day Magazine

We were fortunate enough to feature in the Summer 2018/19 Sale Day Magazine. An interesting read, but if you cannot wait, flick to page 43 to see our Spotlight Article ... Read More

Free tests: Are your sheep blowflies resistant to chemicals?

Tests that would cost over $3,500 are currently being offered free this flystrike season (2018/2019) by NSW DPI and jointly funded by Australian Wool Innovation. The tests assess the current level of pesticide resistance in fly populations. The test is only for the Lucilia cuprina sheep blowfly ... Read More

Benefits of Electronic Identification (eID) & Fleece Weighing

Considering Fleece Weighing, but it all seems too difficult & technical? Moses & Son can provide the equipment AND do the work for you!  Our qualified staff are available to collect and analyse your data. Why Fleece Weigh? Accurate data allows you to make management decisions ... Read More

AIRR Spring TV Ad 2018


AWEX Members Update - 11th September 2017 The Change In NWD Version 7.0, the definition of Ceased Mulesing (CM) has been modified as follows: “Wool from sheep where mulesing has ceased on the property. No lambs born on this property in the last 12 months ... Read More

Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge Measures Up

An event that Moses & Son proudly supports and contributes towards - the annual Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge - has sourced us with a generalised assumption, "Nearly $50 of profit can separate the highest and lowest performing Merino wethers". Read more by clicking on ... Read More

Master Classers 2017

AWEX wishes to advise the date and location for the 2017 Master Classer professional development course for wool classers. --> 2017 Masterclasser Notice and Nomination Form ... Read More

Australian Agricultural Training

For tomorrow’s industry leaders - Professional Wool Classing IN SHED TRAINING COURSE : QUALIFICATION: Certificate IV in Wool Classing National Code:     AHC41316 Aim: To deliver quality training in the workplace to new entrants or existing workers in the wool harvesting industry to become competent wool ... Read More

Excellent seasonal conditions push Australian wool production higher in 2016/17

The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee forecasts that shorn wool production will lift by 2.2% to 332 mkg greasy in 2016/17.This reflects a 2.7% increase in average wool cut per head because of excellent season conditions and an abundance of feed, which more than offsets ... Read More

Merino Lifetime Ewe Management Trial update

Moses & Son with MerinoLink are one of the trial sites for the Merino Lifetime Ewe Management Trial.  Read the Beyond the bale update article about the Merino Life Time Ewe Management Trial  ... Read More

Welfare standards losing business

A perception by brands the Australian wool industry’s animal welfare practices are not up to acceptable standards has seen some Merino wool processors bypass the country to source wool from New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina. This is according to Vitale Barberis Canonico raw material buying manager ... Read More

ALERT: Conditions favour Eperythrozoonosis

Extensive rain and flooding in the eastern states of Australia over the past few months will result in large populations of mosquitoes. This will increase the chance that sheep and goats become affected by the disease Eperythrozoonosis (commonly called “Epi”). This is caused by the ... Read More

Fleece weight competition

With increasing interest in producing quality Merino wool from heavy fleeces, wool brokers Moses and Son, Temora and Young initiated a fleece weight competition which finished during the Henty Machinery Field Days. Commencing during the Southwest Slopes Stud Merino Field Day at Harden Showground, Moses & ... Read More

AWI Special offer: High performance jacket

Special offer: High performance jacket Experience a unique 100% Merino jacket that is resistant to water and wind - available to wool growers to purchase online now at a SPECIAL OFFER price of just $150. check out the offer ... Read More


High profile Channel 7 sports presenter Hamish McLachlan features in the most recent Fibre of Football video produced in-house by AWI. The video of Hamish and his father Angus on the family’s woolgrowing property in the eastern Adelaide Hills in South Australia is the latest ... Read More