Feed Rationing

Why should I do a feed ration?  Because Barley’s not Barley…


Table 1. Ranges in ME and CP content of different feed stuffs, source: NSW DPI, Dairy Australia

So?  Minimum requirements for sheep vary depending on maternal status and age.


Table 2.  Shows the nutritional requirements of Stock. Circled in red is the requirements used in he below example, all are multiplies but 1.6 to adjust for a 60kg ewe body weight. Source: NSW DPI

Do you know if what you are feeding your stock is giving them the energy they need to feed their lambs or enough protein for your weaners to meet their target growth rates? Without knowing you could be underfeeding your stock and loosing production or over feeding and wasting grain and money.

So what do I do??

  1. Get a feed test analysis completed on your grain to know EXACTLY what you have. (Table 3.)
  2. Calculate what energy and protein your livestock are receiving from the pasture.
  3. Determine what class of stock you are feeding and what they need? (Table 2.)
  4. Calculate the amount of grain you need to feed out, to fulfil the ME and CP requirements.

Notes to remember along the way:
Animals have a limit to the amount of feed (Kg) they can physically eat in one day, some grain will limit macro and micro minerals available and supplementation may be required, high starch and high oil content can be damaging to sheep.

Does that all sound complicated and like too much work?? We can assist with the collection of samples for testing and provide you with accurate pasture measurements. We will then produce a full feed ration for your stock. Contact your nearest Moses & Son store for more information or contact our Livestock Consultant, Lexi Cesnik on 0431 565 731.